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ICV Custom Website

ICV is a grant by SPRING Singapore where vouchers valued of $5,000 are given to businesses to innovate their processes and operations. For website design, the ICV will come under the category of Productivity Solutions.

To qualify for the ICV Voucher, the website needs to be a Custom Website Solution and not just a regular website such as website that only provide information.

By “Custom Website Solution”, this means the website can have an Appointment System, an Online-Store and other automated features that innovates the manual way of previously-done methods.

You can claim up to (8) ICV vouchers you can tap on but they must be used one at a time, with each voucher valued at $5,000.
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ICV Spring Voucher is purely for educational purpose, for full details on ICV, please refer to Spring Singapore site and get the most up to date ICV Spring Voucher details.
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