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ICV Claim

Each SME may be awarded up to 2 vouchers per capability area under Consultancy Projects and up to 2 vouchers for Productivity Solutions. Each SME is eligible for a total of 8 vouchers for the period.

  • You must complete the project:
    • - before applying for the next voucher; and
    • - within 6 months.
  • For each of the solutions or items to be purchased under the supportable cost categories, please describe in your application how they are able to achieve at least one of the following outcomes:
    • - Increase in sales through innovation; and
    • - Improved productivity
  • For Productivity Solutions, SPRING Singapore will reimburse funds of up to S$5,000 directly to your company bank account via GIRO. For Consultancy Projects, SPRING Singapore will make the payment of up to S$5,000 to the selected service provider.
  • If you wish to further upgrade your capabilities through a bigger scale and more complex project, please check the Capability Development Grant (CDG).
  • Documents required for productivity solutions applications:
    • - ACRA Business Profile dated within 6 months from the date of ICV application.
    • - Quotation of the listed solution(s) with detailed breakdown of each item.
    • - Training Schedule(s), Name of Trainer(s) and Name of Trainee(s) (For Technical Solutions & Training-related solutions)
    • - Photograph of pre-renovation premises (For Design & Renovation solutions).
  • Other Solutions Messages For Greater Clarity To Reduce Revisions:
    • - Please note that set-up costs relating to setting up of basic business operations are not supported. The SME should have its basic business operations running before applying for the ICV.

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